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Where are the best places to live in Australia?

Buying a home is an exciting experience at any phase of life.

Whether it is your first home, or your retirement home, choosing the right home on the right land is one of the most important decisions you will make for you and your family. With the real estate market seeming to get more complex and more expensive, buyers are craving solutions that offer simple and stress-free elements to home ownership.

House and land packages are becoming increasingly popular for buyers, as they offer a pre-packaged block of land combined with choices to build a custom home from a range of designs. Some buyers are after the old fashioned turn-key home purchase. While others will buy land now, build a home later. With so many options it is smart to do research on how you want to buy your home.

Next step, of course, is where to buy your home.

If your sights are set on Australia, there are a handful of really great cities to choose from, each offering a unique lifestyle and charm. Below is a snapshot of four major Australian cities and the liveability and benefits they each have to offer.

Circular Quay, and Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Picture this: you work in a high finance job in the centre CBD.

You arrive to work early every morning, because you know at 5:30 you can kick off, grab your surfboard, and be on a wave by 6. If this lifestyle is appealing, Sydney is a great fit for you. This city boasts some of the world’s best beaches and climates. It is a fantastic combination of determination to succeed professionally, and dedication to have a very full personal life filled with epic waves and classy bars

Sound appealing? Well you better hurry, because a lot of other people think so too, especially as it regularly makes the top ten best places to live in the world!

Melbourne International Flower Garden Festival MIFGS THE F 19


Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, is known as a cultural and sporting icon.

If running out the office door, throwing your favourite Aussie Rules scarf around your neck, and cheering on your favourite team with 100,000 of your best mates is what you fancy, then Melbourne is for you.

This city is packed with sporting stadiums, events and, tucked in between, you will find countless incredible cafes, restaurants, bars and eateries of all sorts. There is never a dull moment in Melbourne. The livability of this city keeps it getting #1 on The Economist’s world’s most livable cities! Being a bit further south, the climate is not as favourable as Sydney, so pack your jacket!



Located on the quaint island of Tasmania, Hobart is a city for those who seek a moure country atmosphere. The pace is slow, the landscape is stunning, the food is world class. Everyone likes to visit Hobart, but it takes a certain type to live there.

It is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Sydney or Melbourne, and requires a person to seek solitude in nature rather than a busy beach bar. If you do choose Hobart, you may be in for a pretty great quality of life. A recent study claims that Australia’s happiest workers are found in Tasmania!

Perth skyline from a park


 We can’t forget the city to the West, the way, way far West.

Perth could have the best climate in Australia. Quite sunny year round, white sand beaches stretching for miles, and a booming culinary scene for the smaller city of 1.25 million. The downside, you better like your neighbours, because Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world. Having said that, I have never met a Perth resident that didn’t have only positive things to say about this beachfront paradise.

So go ahead. Choose the how you are going to buy.

Then choose the where you are going to buy. Then move on into your dream home and lifestyle. There is no wrong choice when it comes to Australian cities. Take some time to decide which lifestyle suits you best, and let the home choosing begin!

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