When Yoga and a Nightclub Combine

Yoga and nightclubs; two things that shouldn’t go together, but so do, as we found out at the Bodhi and Ride wellness clubbing event: Bodhi Meets Bond!

For one day only, Port Melbourne based fitness studio Bodhi and Ride nestled themselves in the heart of the city at Bond street nightclub. Boasting a spacious floor and dark sultry lights, Bond nightclub surprisingly set the perfect backdrop for a day of invigoration and relaxation.

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Bodhi and Ride showcased three of their favourite wellness boosting workouts: Rave Ride cycling and weights class, Deep House Bodhi Flow Yoga and Electric Yin Yoga. With varying styles, each workout provided a holistic approach to exercise; training both the mind and the body to understand each other and learn to work as one.

A personal favourite; Deep House Bodhi Flow Yoga focused on being sympathetic to the body’s use of energy. Working on flexibility, meditation and balance all in the space of an hour, this fast-paced yoga definitely keeps you on your toes. Yet despite the pace, each individual left the yoga session feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to face whatever the rest of the day may throw at them.

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The best part was the beautifully warm teachers, who guided students through the whole processes step by step and taught students that ‘If they fell, it was just their body’s way of learning’. Bodhi and Ride’s instructors were always on hand to inconspicuously help those slightly struggling, ensuring everyone reaped the full benefit of the workout without feeling embarrassed.

Bodhi and Ride’s wellness club didn’t just stop there. Club booths were filled with all kinds of super-healthy nutritional goodies such as pressed juices, matcha smoothies, tonic teas and raw cheesecakes (just to name a few) for that perfect post workout snack.

Based in Port Melbourne since February, Bodhi and Ride’s array of yoga and cycling classes are sure to get your heart pumping and put your mind at ease. Providing numerous health benefits on and off the floor, Bodhi and Ride’s wellness club is an experience you can’t help but enjoy.

See more at their website.

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