What’s Good About Box Hill Central?

Have a craving for authentic Asian food? Box Hill Central might just be the place to visit. Our first stop was Kitchen Republik. Tucked away in the corner of a food court, this restaurant was lively and bustling.

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As soon as we were seated, two different menus were brought to us, including an extensive dessert menu. As per the manager’s recommendations, I ordered the popular pan-fried pork dumplings and popcorn chicken. I also decided to give their tempura tofu a shot, because anything battered and fried has to be incredibly delicious.

Don’t get me wrong, the other dishes were fantastic. However, the popcorn chicken was out of this world. It was juicy, crispy and tender on the inside. I could eat it for every single day for the rest of my life and die happily. The dumplings arrived a minute later and were steaming hot on the inside, and full of flavour. The tempura tofu arrived last and was not as flavourful, and subtle – an excellent way to end my meal. I waited only a couple of minutes before the waitress emerged with the first dish I ordered, thus I was very impressed with the speedy service. Every fried chicken lover needs to go try Kitchen Republik’s popcorn chicken.

Tina’s Noodle Kitchen

Also a very lively restaurant, Tina’s Noodle Kitchen was our next stop. Walking in, the first thing that surprised me were the serving sizes – the bowls were twice the size of my head! The other thing was the affordable prices, making the dishes of excellent value. I ordered the seafood mixed noodle bowl, vegetable skewers and a lychee lemon mix drink. The manager was very attentive with any questions I had about the dishes, as well as offering recommendations. The menu had an extensive selection of noodles including seafood, beef and chicken. When my noodle bowl arrived, I was blown away with the sheer amount of food that was placed in front of me. It included prawns, fish, tofu, bean sprouts, quail eggs, bean curd skins, crab, and prawn balls! The chilli vegetable skewers had an interesting assortment including tofu, cauliflower, quail eggs and more. The chilli seasoning was divine, understandably so as the manager had let me know that they the chilli was freshly prepared in the kitchen. If you are after an affordable, yet incredibly filling meal I highly recommend Tina’s noodle kitchen!

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Moven Pick

Being a serious sugar addict, I was a little too excited walking into this store. From the large selection of different ice cream flavours, to the mouth-watering menu items – this is a great place to visit for a dessert lover. The restaurant was rather quiet, with only a couple of other customers. I settled on the Swiss Roll and nut waffles even though I am confident I possessed the ability to eat half the store. The Swiss Roll was served with berry ice cream on the side as well as strawberries on the top of the cake with whipped cream on the inside. The Nut Waffles came with two waffles served with two scoops of ice cream and crushed up nuts on top. Although it took a while for the desserts to come out, they were beautifully presented when they did. Take home packs for ice cream are also available in case you can’t get enough of your favourite flavour.

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