What To Pack When You’re Travelling

Whether you’re backpacking around Europe or hitting the casinos of Las Vegas, there are a few items that should always be in your luggage. So here’s a look at the clothes, the tech and the toiletries that should ensure that your trip is as stylish and successful as possible!

The first thing and last things to check are your travel documents. Making sure that your passport isn’t outdated and having a back-up paper printout of hotel addresses, flight times and boarding passes will make sure that you don’t fall at the first hurdle.

And just as boring, but equally important, is ensuring that you have enough toiletries packed to last the duration.

Whilst the bearded look is still popular in 2016, you’re not going to be able to get in upmarket hotels, nightclubs and casinos if you’re looking and smelling like a tramp. So make sure that you take note of the new rules on on-flight toiletries to make sure that you’re looking sharp and feeling good.

Our technology has also become a massive part of the modern travelling experience. And getting a good multi-region power strip with USB sockets is a must if you’re planning to charge your smartphone, eReader, Go Pro camera and so on. Check out OZCodes for best deals on your favorite gadgets & electronic items from stores like Philips, Adorama, Powertec etc.


And whilst out and about, think about investing in a decent battery pack for your smartphone. This means that you can liaise with your Airbnb host, find the best bars with the LikeALocal app, and even play with free credits on Lucky Nugget Casino’s mobile-friendly games so that you can stay entertained in that less-than-stimulating airport waiting lounge.

So once you’ve got the basics in order it’s time to really ramp up the style and think about what stylish items you can cram into your 20kg case.

Multi-functional clothing with plenty of pockets is what’s going to be best-suited to a variety of terrain, but failsafe items like a good leather jacket, tough jeans and that slick timepiece should mean that you can relax on a city break or out in the wilds without offending the fashion police.

And finally, whilst most of us would be pretty hesitant to join in the bum bag renaissance, it highlights how having a durable rucksack with lots of separate compartments can be a real life-saver.

This means you’ll be able to keep your passport dry, find your smartphone for another minimum deposit casino game, and enjoy the rest of your well-organised, yet casually stylish global adventure!







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