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What to know about French wine from French Vine

French wine is a thing of great style, finesse taste and elegance. Or so it goes.

But what it lacks is one thing unique to Australia – the Australian palette. So when Australian and former Wallaby player David Lyons went over to France to get acquainted with the stuff, he knew the idea that popped into his head was a winner.

Give the people in Australia what they want and serve-up some quality drops for a price that isn’t as offensive as a Parisian trying to understand your lame attempt at French in an easy-to-access way. And so, French Vine was born.

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French Vine is an online and boutique wine store, offering fine wines the likes of winemakers, perfected with generations of talent. French Vines flagship champagne, LECLERC Briant were one of the first to try Biodynamics, a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming. And that’s just the beginning of their greatness.

Speaking to David, it’s clear the love for wine is a deep-rooted and earnest one.

“Our family was so blessed to have the experience of living Paris for five years and we had the most amazing time immersing ourselves in this new culture. Food and wine is paramount to the French lifestyle and it is fair to say that we certainly embraced this side of life,” he said.

For him, it started off as a hobby, trying new wines and travelling to new wine regions; but it quickly evolved into something much bigger.

Here’s what to know about French wine from the people who know it best.

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What would be the best wines you would opt for during the warmer months?

 Côtes de Provence Rosé seems to be a popular spring-time drink, I like mine served in a large glass with lots of ice. It’s how they drink it in France and such a refreshing holiday drink. I suggest trying Chateau d’Astros Rosé, this pale, delicate rosé is hard to beat. I truly believe that an exquisite champagne never disappoints, especially during the festive season. I suggest trying Leclerc Briant Brut Réserve, it is a biodynamic champagne with a subtle minerality that is quite unique.

What would be your go to choice, when hosting a dinner party? 

Champagne. A glass of champagne on arrival always gets the party started. I suggest Leclerc Briant Brut Rosé, this beautiful salmon-coloured champagne is delicately fruity and so suited to fun summer nights.

What would be the best pairing in food to compliment this choice?  

For this champagne seafood seems the obvious choice; I suggest shellfish, spicy tuna sushi rolls or simple bbq’d fish. As an accompaniment to dessert fresh fruit works so well and is perfect during warmer months.

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