What is LoVu?


What’s so wonderful about Australian fashion and the industry that makes it go round is that – while small – our country and the creative minds behind it certainly know how to pump out some quality work, akin to that of Europe, the US and beyond. Some might even say better.

There’s one such online retailer known as LoVu that shares this sentiment and works to promote Australian fashion online.

Created by Caroline Lopes-Suoto and Michelle Raic, LoVu aims to create a truly unique online fashion space where emerging Australian designers can sit alongside established designers while being nurtured in all aspects of their business and driving online traffic and sales.

With such quality independent names as Ann & Albert, Kristi Rose, Macgraw, Rebecca Vallance, Sarah James and Pasduchas already involved in the online shopping offering of LoVu, the team behind the online retailer are always on the hunt for more.

LoVu combines a healthy half-half mix of emerging design names with established ones such as We Are Handsome, Sass and Pinclove, Josh Goot, White Suede, State of Georgia and Steele.

In this way, emerging designers can benefit from the curiosity of online shoppers as they peruse more recognised names and are led around LoVu’s offering.

In the day and age where securing cut through of any description, especially in retail and design, LoVu is one of the many pioneers fighting the way forward for independent Australian fashion and designers.

They’ve got many exciting years ahead.

See their website at: www.lovu.com.au


Rebecca Valance

White Suede

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  1. LoVu says:

    Thank you for the amazing blog post and shout out ;) We love your blog .. and look forward to following it and sharing it with our followers of fashion lovers.
    LoVu Xx