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What happens when you have CoolSculpting

We all want that summer body. We all want to look good from any angle in any mirror. So, when a pioneering creation that is non-invasive and super effective option to achieve those things becomes available, why wouldn’t you?

We’re talking about CoolSculpting, the revolutionary way to manage your body in a proactive sense, shaping and sculpting the stubborn bits of fat you’ve never been able to shift to achieve a more manly physique, or more a more feminine streamlined silhouette.

Sure, it’s a commitment, but pales in comparison to the invasive and all-over painful liposuction option, which is effective, but results in weeks of downtime and greater follow-up procedures.

The benefits of CoolSculpting are many. It’s quick, effective, requires essentially nothing from you and allows you to rejoin life immediately after, with a few minor alterations to the way your body feels. Read more about how it all works here.

What’re we talking about? Here’s a week-by-week breakdown of what happens in the three month beginning-to-end process of a CoolSculpting treatment:


Immediately after the treatment:

You will be numb and swollen in the selected area of treatment. Your subcutaneous fat is frozen to -10 degrees celcius, which causes fat cell death. This also puts your nerves to sleep for a while and deadens all sensation. This is normal and you’d better get used to it – it lasts a while!

Week 1:

There’s no sugarcoating the first week after treatment; it’s weird. All sensations in the frozen area are strange, there are slight stabbing pains and an odd ‘pins and needles’ feeling in the affected area and for some, it can be insatiably itchy.

Refrain from scratching or rubbing the area where you can. A good way to minimise discomfort is by investing in a good pair of spanx or compression bandages for your body or the frozen area. This keeps it all tight and circulation through the area steady.

Tip: They recommend you revisit the clinic once a week for a ‘fat cracking’ massage, where they massage the frozen area with an ultrasound machine. This should be done as soon as possible after the treatment to enhance circulation around the affected area. It almost does away with the itchiness of it all immediately!

Week 2: 

Sensation to the sculpted area is still almost non-existent. This will remain for a few weeks yet. The swelling will have started to subside, but you’ll still feel a bit tender and look a bit bloated. Don’t worry as this goes down eventually.

You can probably remove your spanx or compression bandages as these tend to cause more pain and discomfort for the area by this stage, than assistance.

Week 3:

The sculpted area can begin to be touched and palpated by you, with feeling gradually returning and the swelling having gone down. You can scratch or softly rub the area when it itches in certain places.

Don’t worry about how it feels though – quite fragmented and icy – this will eventually return to normal after steady fat cracking massages and by the end of the three-month treatment period.

Weeks 4-8:

Gradually week-by-week, you’ll notice swelling subside, which is normally complete by around the end of week 3-4, depending on your body’s sensitivity.

By the end of week 8, you’ll notice a small change in the appearance of the treated area. You’ll notice any bumps or cellulite-covered areas of concern have lessened and the sensation to the area has returned to almost completely what it once was.

Weeks 9 & 10:

You’ll noticed a marked change in the appearance of the sculpted area. Skin’s feeling of elasticity will return, any bumps you’d hoped to have flattened out will have reduced significantly and feeling will have completely returned.

Weeks 10-12:

Welcome to your new body. Sure, it might only be one small, concentrated area of it, but it will look brand new. Tightness and firmness of the skin will have returned, the itching should have left completely (as of around week 4) and chances are, you will have forgotten the effort you went through in the earlier months immediately after treatment. The results speak for themselves once you notice a reduction of centimetres (about 20% of the fat in the target zone) of your body from where it once was.

You can now go ahead and fear no mirror!

coolsculpting before after

Areas of the body you can CoolSculpt:

  • chin
  • belly and abdomen
  • flanks (love handles)
  • inner thighs
  • outer thighs

Where you can have it done?

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary in Leichhardt, NSW. See more here.




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