Brisbane: Australia’s First Global City

It’s not often you’d see the words ‘Brisbane’ and ‘global city’ thrown together in the same sentence, normally the city’s international populace is overshadowed by its sisters Melbourne and Sydney, but in this case; it’s true.

Brisbane is changing. If it’s not a new shopping centre like Indooroopilly or the South Bank man-made beach, it’s the latest development by Japanese property development giant, Sekisui House Australia, who’re redesigning what Brisbane offers as a city with a flair all its own in its latest creation: West Village.


They’re taking traditional living conditions and what is considered ‘normal’ inner city dwelling and revamping it in a much more globally-inspired form. Catering to over 27,000 potential residents on 2.6 hectares, the development is one beautiful-looking thing.

The best bit? The international influence!

They’re connecting all the nine apartment buildings that will go up over time to cater for the full capacity with cute laneways and communal areas. This isn’t something you see in inner-city developments often and to take it up another level, they’re bringing the best bits of the world into it, too.


Inspired by the world’s most fascinating cities, the ¬†award-winning West Village team have explored their favourite destinations to craft a captivating and multi-layered community brimming with beautiful meeting spaces, cutting-edge retail, intriguing laneways leading into open squares and lush green parks.

Factory Lane

Factory Lane is described enough by the name, but it is inspired by the underground jazz clubs and bars of New York City. Purposed to pulse with energy both day and night, it’s one of the village’s best intended strips. It’s a vibrant meeting place where laneway-cool is layered with historic charm inspired by New York City’s west side.



Wilson Lane

In keeping with the international theme, Wilson Lane is about embracing the uber-design conscious culture and history of Copenhagen. It’s the European inspired thoroughfare that is an accessible bridge between old and new.

Peters Square

This New York City style marketplace is reminiscent of Manhattan’s Chelsea markets and the providores it hosts who’re renowned worldwide.



The Common. 


Peters Lane

Capturing the colour and vibrancy of a good Melburnian laneway, this laneways is all about West Village’s culinary delights.


The Common

Channeling Barcelona, Spain, The Common is all about wide open spaces that bring everyone together. A green park to relax in, a quiet place to relax, a central place to eat and be seen and the perfect nook to people-watch, The Common offers the perfect space for it all.


Mollison Green

With the old Peters ice-cream factory as the backdrop to the space, too, it’s rustic in charm and contemporary in practicality.



Views of the old Peters Ice-cream factory.



To learn more about this fantastic globally-inspired development in Brisbane’s West, click here.


*Images are an artists impression only.









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