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West Hollywood’s newest hotel in the heart of the Design District, La Peer

Around the corner from Craig’s, down the road from The Abbey, super close to the West Hollywood design district and located just a stone’s throw from West Hollywood’s most recently completed hotel The Jeremy West Hollywood stands La Peer Hotel.

La Peer Hotel West Hollywood THE F Entrance

Or more, what will be La Peer Hotel when it’s completed in January 2018.

It will make for West Hollywood’s newest and most intimate iteration of accommodation options in the 1.9 square mile city of West Hollywood, showcasing up-market style, first-class accessibility thanks to its central location and ‘unbuttoned’ luxurious living that redefines what it means to stay in a quality hotel.

La Peer Hotel West Hollywood THE F Reception

“As we began developing programming for La Peer Hotel, this idea of ‘unbuttoned luxury’ crystallised as an overarching ideal where we incorporated all of the quality, thoughtfulness, and anticipation that guests of 5 star hotels would expect while dropping our ties, lightening up on the starch, and focusing on natural and unscripted guest engagement” said Nick Rimedio, general manager of La Peer Hotel. “This philosophy is evident throughout our amenities and services which will feature exclusive partnerships with some of the very best local businesses in West Hollywood.”

La Peer Hotel West Hollywood THE F lobby

La Peer isn’t a high rise, it isn’t massive and it isn’t that alarmingly bold and typically ‘Hollywood’ that you can’t miss it; all of which are exactly the reason you’d want to stay, making it one of the small West Hollywood city’s finest new establishments.

It has been built with privacy, intimacy, refined luxury and easy contentment in-mind. From the arched, private entryway where doormen will greet you, to the short elevator ride to one of any of the modest 105 rooms in the hotel, the experience is planned to be seamless yet professional, casual yet refined and homely yet trendy, emphasising the hotel’s stunning location in the centre of West Hollywood’s design and arts district.

To complement the offering of La Peer, the hotel will come complete with poolside oasis, resident’s gym and accompanying personal and nutrition adviser, Marco Reed, really rounding out the guest’s experience.

La Peer Meeting Room

Though because luxury doesn’t stop at a few bells and whistles, La Peer will be given that extra something with the opening of independent and hugely anticipated restaurant Viale Dei Romani by chef Casey Lane. It’s an Italian trattoria, offering easy, yet quality wood-fired seafood, vegetables, and handmade pastas with a door and patio that opens right onto the rear pool of La Peer.

La Peer has a big focus on incorporating as much of the surrounding locale into its rooms, offering, service and existence in general, with many of its varyingly sized rooms designed to follow suit.

La Peer Hotel room

Architects and designers Moule & Polyzoides and Urban Architecture Lab have incorporated that line of thinking into the rooms’ designs, too, offering a truly unique geometric theming to each of the hotel rooms with a myriad wide windows to the outside world, allowing natural light to fill the space.

La Peer Hotel West Hollywood THE F Bathroom

La Peer hotel room window

By partnering with Icelandic artist Gulla Jónsdóttir, as well, La Peer is staying true to its homage of the surrounding Design District through her unique string artwork.  

Gulla Jonsdottir artwork La Peer

La Peer will be a beautiful hotel, focusing on enjoyable experiences for its guests in a way that isn’t alienating, relatable, enjoyable and memorable all in a brand new, built-from-the-ground-up hotel that adds something inimitable to West Hollywood that really fills a void.

La Peer is scheduled to open in January 2018. Rooms start at USD$450 per night. See more at the hotel’s website.

La Peer Hotel room bathroom

La Peer Hotel bed head


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