Wella SP for Men

Wella System Professional (SP) has branched out into the market for men.

Since happening late last year, it’s been going great guns with the products – so stylishly packaged in all black everything – offering a wide range and perfect collection to fill the void in men’s beauty and grooming offerings.

For years, System Professional has been transforming women’s hair with superior performance products that work wonders for their women’s hair. They thought it was high time to introduce men to the mix while celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The men’s hair care range targets the top problems for men: oily scalp, hair loss, dandruff, greys and sensitivity. With products like the Refresh shampoo, Protect shampoo, Remove shampoo, Sensitive shampoo and Silver shampoo, all these issues are addresses and worked against as far as hair products can reach, anyway.

With very separate and distinct products for styling coupled with a SP MEN Decoding service that tailors hair dresses and treatments to individual scalp and hair needs, the Wella SP Men range is a perfectly justified addition to the men’s hair care range.

Wella SP Men 3

Wella SP Men 4

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