Colonic Irrigation machine

There’s a way to keep yourself feeling good you probably never considered

You can’t hide from it – we’re living in a brand new age.

An age where people inject themselves with vitamins to feel better, freeze their fat cells to get thinner and flush their colons with water to restart the system.

The era of the health trend is well-and-truly upon us, so you may as well join it, which is precisely why the likes of Pinnacle Clinic has opened in Double Bay in Sydney’s east, to address those very needs.

All about natural remedies and using the power of nature and what occurs without intrusion, Pinnacle Clinic offers a range of pretty unique treatments and therapies for those after simply a casual boost to the mood or immune system, to those suffering from the most serious of afflictions.

They’re reputable and have for years been carving out a name for themselves in the west, before taking their unique offering to the east, where hypobaric oxygen chambers, infrared saunas and colonic irrigation – as well as many other services – await.

Float pod

For over three decades, Pinnacle has treated patients suffering from health and lifestyle issues and now, the new Double Bay clinic boasts four treatment rooms to offer a level of high-quality services that the Double Bay clientele would expect.

The guy behind it, Will Shannon, is a practitioner of natural medicine, iridology and herbalism and is a strong advocate for protecting the access of medical care to minority groups.

His work through World Health Care Council has assisted people in developing nations in obtaining access to lifesaving care and he has personally consulted tens of thousands of people from more than 140 countries.

“At Pinnacle, we have a proven track record of providing effective herbal remedies that cure a wide range of ailments. We’re excited about our new Double Bay clinic, and providing naturopathic services, herbal remedies, diet and nutritional advice, exercise and wellbeing services to help even more people lead healthy and fulfilling lives the natural way,” he said.

You can find the clinic at Level 1, 4 Cross Street, Double Bay, Sydney NSW.

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