The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

At the furthest eastern reaches of Sydney is the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel.

It’s beautiful, right on the beach, massive and luxurious, and knows how to draw the crowds from families to social types alike from the furthest reaches of the city.

On a sunny day, it’s the retreat of the trendy, on a weekend, it’s the destination of photo-taking tourists, those on the hunt for a time-killer and for the more determined, those whose appreciation of wickedly delicious food knows no travel limits.

The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel offers something that few places in Sydney do; the five star view of the city in the distance without the excessive price tag or elitist atmosphere that is so limiting at times to anywhere else on Sydney’s harbour fringes.

With three-tiered elegance, enough bar space to cater for the most heaving of sun-drenched drinking sessions and a kitchen that is as fine dining as it is relaxed and casual, the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel caters to the whim and fancy of the work, to the beach, to the bar patron to those on the hunt for a finer experience.

The menu consists of winning, quality meals inspired-by the surround of the venue and coupled with accessible eating.

Cauliflower fritters, a caramelised pork belly and rainbow slaw salad, soft shell crab sliders and lightly battered calamari are a few of the appetising options from the hotel’s starter menu that make grazing with friends feel that much more natural.

The Watson’s Bay Hotel menu goes-on to include a crackingly brilliant drinks menu, inspired by seasonal flavours and the hotel guest’s need to drink in bulk form; think: carafes.

A berry mojito is this reviewer’s drink of choice, which comprises a modern and berry-filled take on the original that to see is one thing, but to drink, another.

The Watson’s Bay Hotel sits at the top end of the Watson’s Bay beach promenade, giving way to the first Doyle’s seafood restaurant establishment and some of the most beautifully fronted beachside mansions the region knows.

A place perfect for relaxing, seeing or being seen or just for those with top taste; the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel is a definite for those with a view for finery.




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