Melbourne’s Southgate Waterslide

Rumour has it the restaurant is situated where a giant – for the day – wooden waterslide once stood.

These days you don’t see how, but for what it no doubt was to what it is today, it’s the kind of place you want to keep coming back to.

Waterslide on Melbourne’s Southgate Boulevard is all about the view, the drinks and the atmosphere. It’s as much a sophisticated river and city-view bar that offers panoramic perspective as a flashy night spot to while the night away.

Waterslide’s venue manager Tim Wastell has joined forces with Black Pearl’s Fred Siggins to design a fun and approachable cocktail menu and drinks list that incorporates modern techniques, seasonal ingredients and unique flavour combinations. All that with high quality spirits and some cracking grower produced wines, it’s a decent menu that leaves not much to be desired.

The bar’s dark motif, classic finishes like hard wood floors, marble bar and a pyramidal protrusion of all the good grog in the centre of the bar space makes for a relaxed atmosphere of comfort and cool.

Designed by Techne Architecture, various elements of the original location’s history were inspiration for what’s happening on the inside.

Various elements from the history of the cocktail were an inspiration in the concept with added contemporary quirky characteristics like swing seats, lounge nooks, dramatic bottle display, rocking chairs and rotating stools as subtle touch points for customers to draw to.

They threw open the doors recently to a gathering of a gaggle of Melbourne’s social types to celebrate the launch. Infused whiskeys and fruity wines flowed freely through the crowds while everyone busied themselves sucking it all back to the backdrop of a chilly winter’s night in Melbourne.

If you’re a bar snob, or not, fancy a nice decor, or not, whatever your taste, Waterslide is hard to not appreciate.

Go for yourself and see.

Photography exclusively for THE F by Warren McColl Jones. Other photography also by Anthony Licuria of APL Photography. 

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