Vogue Fashion Night Out in Melbourne with burgers

Hot damn, Melbourne really knows how to party. Stick all the buzz about Melbourne’s first ever Vogue Fashion Night Out (VFNO) and you can just imagine!

Coinciding with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, fashionistas everywhere were abuzz with excitement as they flocked down to Melbourne CBD to celebrate the world’s busiest shopping events.

Those in attendance were treated to champagne and canapés as big name retailers and precincts such as David Jones and Emporium Melbourne were hosts to mini runways and freebies including getting your nails down, free ice cream and live entertainment, all of which were available straight to the public for free.

Even the blokes weren’t forgotten about, with a “man cave” and gentlemen’s lounge offering scotch and red wine tastings, giving average Joes a pick-me-up with complimentary wet shaves and a lesson in how to style with runway shows hosted by GQ and David Jones.

Along with rubbing shoulders with celebrities and designers alike, attendees were also encouraged to pop down to Little Bourke Street, which was transformed into a spectacular runway of bold flowers and overgrown foliage where a selection of premium designers were showcased in style, élan and panache.

It’s really no wonder why Melbourne has the reputation of being the nation’s fashion capital. If this is the bar set for the first time this event is held here, one can only imagine what VFNO has in store for us next year.

It’s the first time for the event to be held in Melbourne, with Sydney to be repeating its fun festivities soon.

For more information about Vogue Fashion Night Out, check out the event here.

To whet your appetite, see a little snippet from Sydney last year here. 

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