Viniq Shimmery Liquer Is The New Cocktail You Need To Try

Sure, Viniq shimmery liqueur might look like the stuff inside translucent stress balls, but it’s in fact a lot less toxic and a lot more delicious.

It’s a new creation made to revamp what it means to have a girl’s night in, decadent dinner party or anything else that calls for shimmery alcohol.

Viniq Shimmery Liqueur Viniq-ly Chic Cocktail

The alcohol is Australia’s first ever shimmer liqueur made from premium vodka, moscato and natural fruit flavour that gets it shimmeriness from the same ingredient that gives frosting its shine or rock lollies their sparkle. It will mix-up the Australia liquor landscape.

With its own unique cocktail by Australian bartender of the year, Kurtis Bosley, the drink is meant for great things.

“I’ve featured Creme de Peche de Vigne to accentuate the peach undertone in the VINIQ, while the grapefruit and lime work together to bring out the citrus notes and balance out the sweetness. Finally, the rhubarb bitters have been added to round out the flavour profile and give it a real depth and complexity. The mint and the bitters work harmoniously together for a full sensory experience when drinking the cocktail as it will be visually stunning, with a really bright, vibrant and fresh aroma,” he said.

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