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Vidal wines from New Zealand is taking wine to new heights

Vidal is a New Zealand wine that will have you ‘please and yes and and more sir’–ing until Galadriel gets wind of the nectar and its no more for you.

Until that days comes, it’s eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow. We might have to admit to the neighbours across the sea that they have produced an exceptionally classy wine.

Vidal Legacy Vintage Hugh Critchton THE F wine food

It’s hard for us Aussies to admit but those Kiwis sure do have some good things going on. From those lush glens that would satisfy any self-respecting, comfort seeking hobbit to the even lusher vocals of the gal who deserves to rule over us, i.e. Lorde, we have to admit they know how to bring real fine offerings of culture.

And you had better sign yourself up for the cultural offering of Anthony Joseph’s Vidal of Hawkes Bay. It doesn’t’ get more lush and it doesn’t get more fine than world class wine made by a artisanal group of experts in a pocket of paradise.

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Anthony Joseph Vidal arrived in New Zealand in 1888 and that has turned out to be a very good thing for you and me. He established the Vidal estate soon after and he and his vineyard have been committed to crafting and curating classic, elegant wines to this day.

With an impeccably high standard of natural growing, cultivation, picking and processing it’s not hard to understand how Vidal’s has snagged countless awards including the Decanter World Wines Awards International Chardonnay Trophy in 2015.

Hugh Crichton, Vidal Estate’s winemaker, has decades of experience under his belt and he has lead the wine proferrings of Vidal into illustrious heights. Vidal’s Legacy Chardonnay 2012 was named best in the world (and sadly has now sold out) and has consistently brought out crisp, striking and elegant subsequent vintages.

Known for their Chardonnays and Syrahs, the Vidal estate has not become complacent at the top. Year after year they have attentively and meticulously chosen grapes, fermentation methods and time frames to optimise the quality and class of their wines.

Both the Reserve and Legacy labels bring the incalculable quality of years of experience, pristine growing conditions and the insatiable passion of a group of winemakers that are set to make their mark on the world wine stage.

It’s vital you get around Vidal. Your palate will be so chuffed.

Vidal Legacy Vintage Hugh Critchton THE F wine food table

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