Kitchen bench

Various types of budget-friendly benchtops for your kitchen

A kitchen is a driving spot for every house, whether it’s a kid or an adult. Kitchen is used by all differently, and therefore its maintenance becomes equally important and relevant. While choosing a kitchen benchtop, it is imperative that a few key points are always kept in mind and followed to make the right decisions. You have a variety of options to choose from but not all promise to take care of your pocket as well. Caesarstone benchtops in Melbourne are considered to be one of the most budget-friendly materials which are used as kitchen benchtops and to know more about some other relevant options that you can opt for in this respect, read on.

  1. Laminate– Who knew that one of the most popular and desirable benchtops is budget-friendly as well. Laminate benchtops light up the kitchen with their bright colours, smooth texture and polished finish. Laminate benchtops have been popular for several years because of their great imitation of natural stones in such affordable prices. Laminate benchtops can be installed and maintained easily. They don’t need a two-hour shift or more for cleaning the surface as they can be cleaned with a single wipe of wet cloth followed by a dry cloth. Cleaning solutions are their best buddies because water can potentially damage the surface in case of prolonged contact.
  2. Granite and Marble- Most popular benchtop options of all times, granite and marble have maintained their place as the kings of this industry with their efficient designs, beautiful shades, smooth touch and relative prices. They can be easily spotted in almost every household in one way or another, but their most common use is in the form of benchtops.
  3. Quartz- Ruling the industry with its affordability and numerous benefits, quartz turned out to be the most popular option for benchtops. They are engineered stones which give the look and feel of natural stone, but in reality, are made from the crushed residue of two or more stones. Granite and marble are the expensive options, but quartz fulfils their requirement at relatively lower prices. They are available in numerous designs, textures and colours and are easy to maintain as well. Caesarstone benchtop Melbourne is a prominent example of engineered stones.
  4. Timber– Timber lost its importance as a benchtop a few years back, but now it’s back in business with new and improved designs, textures and patterns. Timber is an affordable and stylish benchtop option which is becoming increasingly popular. Timber gels with every decor theme and adds warmth to the environment of the house. Timber has a relevant shelf life if maintained well. It is porous which means it has to be sealed properly to protect it from any damage or scratches on the surface.
  5. Stainless steel- Metal or stainless steel is competent in providing a long life, style and hygiene in the kitchen. Stainless steel is protected against rusting which makes it even more appealing. This material can be shaped as per the need of the owner and has a synthetic surface which protects it from scratches and discolouration. It is heat resistant, and the scratches on its surface are easily repairable. It can withstand the heat and vapours in the kitchen.

Your cooking and eating habits affect your choice of benchtop gravely. As you cannot have all in one, it is important that you prioritise what you need the most out of stunning looking, smooth textures, variety of colours and heat and scratch resistance as this will help you in making the final decision which will be the most suitable for you and your decor.

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