Vans opens a new store in Sydney’s ‘The Galleries’

Off the wall and back in stores, VANS George St re-opens its doors at the Galleries, after a brief step off the skater fashion scene.

Maintaining its prime location opposite the QVB, the VANS store features the latest in the brands footwear and clothing, with unique artistic designs crossing the canvases of lace up and slip on street shoes.


To commemorate the re-opening of the store, the Dune Rats DJ set spun great Australian classics all night, pumping ACDC throughout the concrete-floored, LCD TV covered shop to a longhaired and laid-back crowd.

In addition, the unique artistic stylings of local artist, Harrison Earl, featured a custom design booth, whereby pairs of white canvas VANS were decorated with original and extraordinary graphic illustrations.


Just imagine the languid exclamations of awe that permeated when Earl displayed an alien covered shoe to an adoring crowd.

Kicking back with loyal VANS fans introduced an interesting vernacular that perfectly encompassed the skater image of the store.

Using phrases that only seemed to surface in 90s teenage-sitcoms and early Sean Penn movies, the purpose and benefits of each style of shoe were carefully isolated and articulated by baggy-clothing clad individuals.

Having become a household name in the skater-street style world, with designs as pragmatic as they are recognisable and a punk-kid image made accessible, you can’t help but feel like you’re about to step onto the set of Lords of Dogtown after walking out with a new purchase.

And it’s pretty radical.














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