Valentine’s Day Might Be Over, But That Doesn’t Mean Romance Dies

The international day of love, Valentine’s Day might be over, but that doesn’t mean the grand gestures of love, romance and adoration you felt compelled to show for that 12-hour window dies. Does it?

Not if you’re one of the chefs from Sydney’s illustrious The Grounds of Alexandria, who know ALL the tricks to keeping everything going inside and outside of the bedroom – and for the sanity of a sound relationship – you know you want. You’re welcome.

We spoke with head stylist and creative developer at The Grounds of Alexandria for three-and-a-half years, who previously freelanced for other hospitality venues and interior designers, Therese Moussa.

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What’s your top tip for creating a romantic ambiance at home? 

Dim the lights. A lot of candles in jars to create that warm amber lighting. Background music is key, no love song dedications, just some nice easy going tunes playing always helps set the mood.

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What are the 3 must-haves to ensure a romantic setup? 

1. Set the scene.

Try do something different than a standard dinner indoors. Create a setting where you can enjoy dinner outdoors preferably under a tree where you can hang a few lanterns from Bunnings with candles inside of them.

2. Fresh cut flowers.

Even if you cut a few flowers from your backyard and pop them in an empty wine bottle or jar this gives it less formal look with a bit of character. Colours to try to go for; deep red, pinks and oranges with some freshly cut green foliage. 

3. A personal touch.

Write a hand-written menu for the evening with a cute compliment.

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What are the benefits of setting up a romantic dinner at home as opposed to going out? 

You can be intimate and chat without having to worry about others around. You will be less stressed at home as you are on your own time, you can just have a few more drinks if you wish, and let the night float by without a worry of time. You can get lost in each others conversation and don’t have an issue going to far to the bedroom.

Any do-nots?

Do not forget Dessert! Every lovers’ dinner needs to finish on a sweet note.

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