V Premium at Village Cinemas Jam Factory

Move over movie-lovers, V Premium is here.

Not quite the regular run-of-the-mill cinema set-up, not quite exclusive Gold Class, Village has introduced something new and exciting that makes going to the movies not only more exciting, but more justified for the price.

Plush seats, decent space, enough seats to enjoy your own space without breathing on your neighbour and a screen big enough to see the eyebrows of the actors on-screen, the V Premium experience is one to be reckoned with. Located at Village’s major cinema operation at the Jam Factory in Prahran, Melbourne, it’s central, easy and perfect for a date night, night out with friends, winter’s day-killer or regular ‘any day’ visit.

As a new alternative to the regular cinemas experience, Village introduced the V Premium to up-the-ante and bring something new to the table.

It’s nice!

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