Undrgrnd Melbourne

So imagine a scene from a dance movie, darken the lights, turn up the music, add alcohol and the distinct smell of a really hefty workout and you have Undrgrnd.

An impressive display of people’s bodies moving in the most inconceivable way until you see it first hand on stage, that later turns into an epic dance party of – hence the name – underground proportions, it’s definitely a welcome event that Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane dancers (as of 2014), appreciators and groupies all flock to.

Brought on by the dancing prowess of its founder Paul Malek after he decided the amount of talent in Melbourne and Australia far outweighed the opportunities the cities offered those with it, Underground is a celebration and culmination of dancing with a nightclub edge.

Malek’s experience is deep and far reaching, with big tickets like So You Think You Can Dance Australia and Dancing With The Stars under his belt, you’re assured he knows what he’s talking about. And his talent and vision has been recognised: with Underground having reached the Eastern seaboard.

Professionally choreographed dance numbers by crews and individual geniuses convulsed and interpretably wove their way around one front and centre stage to the throbbing crowds in Melbourne recently, celebrating all that is good in independent and emerging dance skills. With no competitiveness involved and only their performances on show, men and women as young as just-in-their-twenties flounced around stage, encapsulating basically everyone, including myself.

Seasonal since 2011, Undrgrnd will be back. See more at undrgrnddance.com

Underground Melbourne 1

Underground Melbourne 2

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