Underground Cinema: Gattaca

The ultimate science-come-cult film about the human gene and all the mystery that lies behind it, Gattaca, came to life in the latest instalment of Melbourne’s immersive cinema experience: Underground Cinema.

Underground Cinema is a movie experience like no other. Film goers purchase tickets to a mystery film knowing nothing but a theme to guide their wardrobe choice; la guerre (war) and ancient Rome have featured in the past.

Like its predecessors, this season’s theme, DREAM, did not disappoint.

For the past seven years, the organisation has taken crown after crown when it comes to unique experiences for the cultured local or inquisitive visitor to the city, whereby they take the theme of a movie and turn it into a fully living, breathing machine in which guests play a vital role.

In preparation for the esteemed Melbourne Launch of what they affectionately dubbed ‘Mission Control’, potential candidates donned monochromatic attire and conducted themselves in a professional manner as they shot for the stars to secure a successful future.

Determining their genetic status by process of medical screening, In-Valids attempted to remain inconspicuous in the hope of joining the elite establishment of Valids as they became immersed in the futuristic dystopia of Andrew Niccol’s cult-classic, Gattaca.

Enigmatic and stylised, guests strove – despite their circumstances – to alter their destiny and its governance on their lives, as they entered a not-too-distant future that seemed both unimaginable yet vaguely familiar.

Valids who demonstrated potential to join the Launch crew underwent physical and cognitive training, learning and testing different skills needed for space travel. Simply the best of the best were selected, ensuring their own successful future, and that of mankind.

The best thing about UGC is that it’s much a professionally-executed experience as the most advanced of performances you’d find at Her Majesty’s Theatre, just with a lot more inclusion and hands-on reality.

If not based purely on the fact you dress the part, that there are characters situated in the experience to really help transport you to the decade, era or movement the movie’s theme and storyline is trying to convey is simply put, A+.

If you’re open minded, keen on new experiences, appreciate situational learning and aren’t afraid of being shoved in the spotlight from time-to-time, Underground Cinema Melbourne is for you.

DREAM in Melbourne was the perfect way to bring UGC’s 2016 season to a close; what has proven to be an epic and unforgettable year with guests exploring the varied cinematic worlds of Silence of the Lambs, Children of Men, and Gattaca.

See the video wrap, below:


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