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The Underground Cinema experience: Enter the Royal Court

Australia’s oldest artists’ colony Montsalvat made the perfect venue for another adventurous night out at the movies with Underground Cinema.

Guests purchase tickets in advance to a mystery film with no clues except a theme to inform their wardrobe; previous occasions include war (Children of Men) and ancient Rome (The Life of Brian).

Guests then receive an email the day before with a meeting time and location before taking part in an immersive film experience with improvisers and actors to help them guess the film they’ll ultimately watch. This incarnation’s theme was medieval royalty. 

Underground Cinema Royal Court Kingdom Montsalvat castle

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Noble guests from all over the lands of Melbourne donned royal robes and gathered for an immersive cinema experience by Secret Squirrel Productions.
Everyone was welcomed by court officials and divided into categories of spies, brutes and subjects of the Houses of Florin and Guilder (you can probably see where this is going). Guests were then free to visit ye olde barre and foode truckes to refresh themselves and enjoy the stunning medieval surroundings lit up with the colours of the noble houses.
Guest then ventured further afield and engaged with many interesting characters, including kings, queens, soldiers, jesters, monks, very vocal elderly people and a bishop who didn’t let a minor speech impediment stop him from performing several weddings; including one between two men, at one point.
The evening concluded with the noble guests gathering in the great hall to watch one of the most charming and enduring cults classic of the past thirty years – The Princess Bride. 
Underground Cinema Royal Court Kingdom Montsalvat church
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Underground Cinema does some of its best work with cult hits that we grew up and immersing us into a world of nostalgia.
The Life of Brian from 2014 had hundreds of cinema-goers singing ‘Always Look On The Bright Side of Life’ at Federation Square – The Princess Bride will similarly be remembered as one of the most delightful film experiences you could hope to have (as you wish).
See more at the Underground Cinema website.
Underground Cinema Royal Court Kingdom Montsalvat duel
Underground Cinema Royal Court Kingdom Montsalvat priest

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