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Bet you didn’t know that UGG Australia is owned by an American retailer, Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Or that they sell kids’ shoes, men’s shoes and clothes for everyone.

You learn something new everyday, and such it seems, are the benefits of walking into the newest store of the brand that has popped-up on Lt. Bourke Street, Melbourne as part of the Emporium Melbourne‘s grand unveiling.

Flanked on all sides by Australian wool products – the best in the business – a larger than life campaign video, ‘THIS IS UGG‘, playing on a reel and some visual merchandising that would make the most seasoned of lifestylers shake with appreciation, UGG Australia seems to have a good thing going on.

With over 70 stores worldwide, the UGG name is synonymous worldwide with comfort, style and luxurious quality, something that Australians overlook. Unequivocally though, this store shifts that perception.

Their new seasonal campaign does its best in expressing the emotional power of the brand and the sense of nostalgia we all feel when we see or wear anything from the retailer.

“Our smallest moments are actually our biggest moments,” is my favourite line from the campaign. An homage to the beauty of the modern day disconnect we not-so-often have from Facebook and Instagram and the enjoyment we feel for the smaller more natural things in life. It’s a sweet message.

The lifestyle brand’s efforts to market itself as such are impressive and effective as far as cutting away the misconceptions of a brand whose identity has changed so much since merging with its American owner (in the mid 90s) to become a brand that celebrates itself and the connections it encourages.

Nice work, UGG.

See the campaign online.

UGG AUSTRALIA store Emporium Melbourne 1

UGG AUSTRALIA store Emporium Melbourne 2

UGG AUSTRALIA store Emporium Melbourne 5

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