The UE BOOM: best thing for wireless music since wireless

For those who see music as life, not just a lifestyle, the UE Boom is your saving grace.

Actually the coolest little addition to my collection of home decor-like life-enhancers, the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom wireless speaker is a subtle to look at, but not subtle to listen to music device that packs as much of a punch to the practical side of wireless entertainment as it does conversation starting.

Perfect for the quaint dinner party’s background music to the full house party gathering of friends, this little monster of a machine throws a full 360º sound to the tune of 88 decibels (friggin’ loud) and works wirelessly to around 15 metres for around 15 hours, meaning that no matter where you are inside or out, the Logitech UE Boom throws sound as far as you can walk away from it. And then some.

The perfect size for carrying virtually anywhere without being too much of a physical hassle, the UE Boom weighs half a kilo, is only 18cm x 6.5cm and come equipped with a little dangle loop to hang from a fixed setting or dangle from your most gangster pair of jeans if you feel so inclined.

Needless to say, the Ultimate Ears are an awesome little toy that makes every social situation or session of ‘me time’ a sensation.

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