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By Aleczander Gamboa

Although I haven’t read ‘Eat, Pray and Love’ myself, the novel has become the latest craze amongst my girl friends. Inspiring, cathartic, and life-changing are the common words thrown around when discussing it (that, and the squeals of joy when they spoil it for me since they have an inability to contain their excitement for the book).

Cue in Vanessa Burgemeestre and her creation, Tutti Interiors, a new business that focusses on interior design by giving your space that much needed oomph factor through the use of distinctive artworks and pieces from all around the world.

Inspired by the film rendition of Eat, Pray and Love, it wasn’t until after a few international trips and meeting ‘Ketut Liyer’, the infamous medicine man in the movie, that the concept of Tutti Interiors came to fruition – the name itself deriving from the Italian word ‘Tutti’, meaning ‘for everyone’.

And it really is ‘for everyone’ because the business has a pay-it-forward concept. Every purchase made online all help to feed young children in orphanages from where the product has been imported from. So since we help the world one purchase at a time, we can finally say goodbye to that awful feeling known as guilt when we overspend on online shopping.

The entire collection of Tutti Interiors can be summed up in one word: quirky. And I don’t know about you but I love anything quirky and eccentric. Tutti Interiors seems to offer something the vast majority of the Australian market just doesn’t seem to understand: uniqueness. From giant mermaid antiques, glowing skulls to bull heads painted with flowers, Tutti Interiors exudes a contemporary-boho style, sure to become a trend setter in our market while giving any interior space that pop of vibrant colour and fun.









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  1. Thanks for this amazing blog. Tutti Interiors Launch was a huge success. Very grateful. Thanks, Vanessa Burgemeestre – Director @ Tutti Interiors. x

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