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By Sean Oliver. 


Poker’s a game that almost everyone has heard of but many have never actually had the chance to play for themselves. That’s because it used to be an effort to get involved in a poker game. For a start, you’d have to either go to a casino – and in some cases that would involve a long journey – or else know a local game that you could join in; again, not always the easiest thing to get involved in.

Now, though, things are completely different. Thanks to the presence of so many online casinos and poker sites, you can play poker pretty much any time you feel like it. You can play now at the 32Red casino and registering on the site only takes a couple of minutes. By joining an online casino, you can also take advantage of a welcome bonus that will increase the amount of credit you have to play with. At 32Red, for every $10 you pay into your account with an initial deposit, the site will give you an extra $32 of credit.

Most sites that host poker games also offer new players a number of entries to the freerolls – these are beginner tournaments for players who don’t have much poker playing experience. They’re called freerolls as they are free to enter; the casino provides the pot. So, while players have nothing to lose as they are playing the tournament for free, at the same time they have everything to play for as they have a chance of winning the pot while they are playing other newbies.

The freerolls are great for getting to grips with how the game of poker is played, and for beginning to hone your own poker playing strategies. If you lose in the freerolls, you don’t really lose, you just gain in experience.

At 32Red, new players not only get six weekly entries to freerolls when they join the site, but they also have six entries to the New Player Turbo tournaments, where there’s a guaranteed prize pool of $500 to play for. It only costs $1 to join in the fun and so it’s almost as good as the freeroll deal. You have to make sure you take up these offers during the first six weeks of signing up as a player though – after that, you’re no longer considered to be a ‘new player’.

When you start playing in cash tournaments, you can still develop your playing skills, though it’s likely you’ll be easily beaten to begin with, as there are so many full-time players out there, so the competition is fierce. The best policy to follow is to keep your bets to the minimum and work on gaining experience and skill before you start wagering larger amounts. Of course, no matter how much practice you get in there’s always the possibility of being beaten at poker, so you should only ever gamble with amounts you are prepared to live without.

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    With the WSOP around the corner is a neat, comprehensive and interactive infographic of Texas Hold’em