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How to see Seville, Spain like a seasoned traveller

There’s no doubt that Barcelona is a hot spot for the intrepid Euro traveller. European tour companies make sure their customers immerse themselves in the city and many cruises leave from Barcelona’s thriving port. The bars and restaurants which line the main street, La Rambla, are plentiful, the fast-paced night life is intoxicating and the fantastical charms of Gaudi’s architecture ensure that this is a city not to be missed. But there are parts of Spain which often are overlooked. Few places in this world are as vibrant or as culturally and historically rich as southern Spain.

Basing yourself in Spain’s Andalucian capital, Seville, it is only a short train journey to two of southern Spain’s most famous attractions: Granada’s Alhambra, a palace fortress constructed in the 9th century on the remains of Roman fortifications; or to Cordoba’s Mezquita, the 8th century mosque converted into a Catholic cathedral 500 years later.

Granada’s Alhambra Spain

Taking a trip to Seville is a step back through time. Vineyards and olive groves line the roads in and out of this enchanting, sun-soaked town. The twisting cobbled alleys are peppered with tapas bars and buskers and towns-folk alike sing and dance traditional flamenco in the streets. Strong smells of citrus flavour the air.

Seville Streets travel

Start your day with a café con leche and pastries, then take a wander through the town relishing in the uncomplicated way of life. Don’t forget, shops, restaurants and stalls are shut between 2pm and 4pm as everyone goes home to their family for a long lunch and a siesta. So grab yourself some fresh bread, jamon, a tangy manchego cheese, a bottle of wine and while away the afternoon in one of the many parks and piazzas.

Paella Spain Seville food

Central Seville is not too big so it’s easy to walk around the main tourist attractions. There is the huge historic Seville Cathedral but down alleyways and on various corners you will find beautiful
little churches with their altars dripping in gilt and gold. If you want to get around a bit quicker then grab a bike from Seville’s bike share program or alternatively grab the hop on, hop off bus that takes you a little further afield.

In the evening don’t leave your apartment before 9pm. Tapas bars only begin to open at this hour. If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble on a bar only the locals know about and find them playing cards or smoking pipes and cigars.

Seville is the birth place of modern flamenco, so make sure you catch a show while you’re there. This fiery and exhilarating dance, grouped with sensual classical guitar and passionate vocals will leave your heart pounding. Even if you can’t dance flamenco you can look the part with many shops selling traditional clothing.

Flamenco dancing Seville

This town is quintessential Spain. It is a perfect getaway for a few days on your next European adventure or a destination in itself. One thing is for certain, once you visit, it will capture your imagination and you may just leave a piece of your heart behind.

Seville Spain

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