The 12 Apostles rock formation in Port Campbell National Park, a major Australian natural landmark on the Great Ocean Road. A long exposure of the 12 Apostles taken at night.

Travel from New York to Australia

How many times have you heard a fellow senior friend say, “I’m too old to travel”? Maybe you thought it, too. However, this simply isn’t true. Just as no-one is too old to experience new things, no-one is too old for an international adventure either. While you physically may not be able to climb to the highest peak or stay up all night to watch the sunrise anymore, one-of-a-kind experiences still await for all ages in Australia.

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”


Pack your bags, hop on a flight at JFK, and get ready to see some of the most unique places you may ever see in your lifetime.

Places to stay

When travelling internationally, most tourists automatically opt to stay at a hotel in the heart of the city and typically close to the airport. While convenient, this isn’t the best way to get a true flavour of the country. Since your trip to Australia will be more than a few days, why not look into renting a cottage or a B&B?

If you want to become immersed in the everyday culture of Australia and go off the beaten path a bit, consider a Farm Stay, where you can partake in some daily activities from bushwalks to egg-collecting and watching sheep-shearing.

Travelling in Australia

If you are hesitant to rent a car, boat travel makes you nauseous, and you can only walk short stretches due to limited mobility, then your sightseeing may be limited. However, a wonderful alternative to other travel methods is railroad travel which offers a great chance to see more of Australia while sitting back and enjoying the magnificent landscape in this vast country.

Whether you take a short trip on The Gulflander or a long one on The Ghan, you’re likely to experience breathtaking views that other tourists don’t get to see.

Walking, Whalewatching, and Wine

What could be more relaxing than whalewatching, walking on a beach, and drinking wine? Wherever you travel in Australia, there are numerous activities that don’t require a lot of “vim and vigour.” If you love South Australian wine, then check out one of the many wineries in Adelaide.

If you’re travelling in Sydney, whalewatching is a must and you can participate from water or land.

Walking is an excellent way to get exercise, and you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of walking around in Perth; there are many senior-friendly walking paths around Western Australia.

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