TopShop TopMan’s seasonal preview

Nestled in the back streets of Sydney’s Double Bay, the global design director for TopShop TopMan Jacqui Markham and creative director Gordon Richardson met with Sydney’s movers and shakers of the High Street world.

A preview of the latest trends, styles, shapes and silhouettes of the leading UK based retailer gave great insight into what the Australian market will see and to where the global trends for men and women will take us.

Sophisticated jacket cuts with luxurious-to-the-touch fabrics, simple multi-use jackets and the staple items of the TopShop name such as basic tops for boys and pastel skirs for the fairer alternative, TopShop’s style certainly reigns supreme.

Coupled with other noteworthy options as jumpsuits and women’s jackets, the entire range was punctuated tastefully with thick gauge knits as timeless¬†options in accessories.

It was interesting watching the two creatives – one of who has recently landed her new gig – speak with such zeal about not only the business they work for, but the roles they live in.

Though they were both hard pressed in showing curious lovers around the preview, Gordon Richardson exuded confidence, comfort and pleasure in the fact he was given the opportunity to speak about something so dear to him all day.

TopShop preview Jacqui Markham Gordon Richardson 1

TopShop preview Jacqui Markham Gordon Richardson 5

TopShop preview Jacqui Markham Gordon Richardson 6


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