Top Juice’s Top Juice

Top Juice is something that even if you’re not a juice-drinker, you can’t avoid.

It’s everywhere, serving up a healthier, less mass produced – at least at face value – version of its earlier-era counterparts.

With a small menu and the ability to create anything at a customer’s whim and fancy, it’s no wonder they’re doing so well. They’re mostly strategically placed near gyms, so all the fitness freaks use it as their go-to top-up for all things nutritious, and because it’s either squeezed or concocted right there, you know it’s good.

Their new cold press range is pretty outstanding, too.

In a nice almost baguette bottle, the juices are huge in quantity and are made-up of some seriously good ingredients. Things like kale and celery in the Slim Grin, ruby grapefruit in the Ruby Green, pineapple and strawberry in the Pineapple Crush and 100% Mango in the Mango-A-Go-Go just goes to show the quality, tastiness and fresh nature of everything Top Juice does.

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