man close shaving with the philips series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer

Top 5 tips to get a sharp shave with the Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Trimmer

There are a lot of products out there in the world to make a man’s shave better (see some of our favourites here), but none do quite the same as the latest Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer.

man shaving with the philips series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer

It’s new to the market and as the name suggests, sucks-up all the yuck it slices off your face as you take to grooming your growth every morning. Yes, you can officially wave ‘goodbye’ to dabbing-up your loose off-cuts with a wet towel after your morning slice. It’s a blessing.

To help you make the most of your new investment (after you buy it here), we spoke to Jules Tognini to get his top 5 tips on getting the sharpest shave…

the philips series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer

1. What you need

Men’s grooming trends have cleaned up a lot this season, it’s all about a sharp hair cut or tidy mane with well-maintained stubble or a beard. To get this look, get rid of your razor and invest in a good beard trimmer and a quality set of hair clippers. Having the right tools to hand will instantly make maintaining a beard easier.

2. Keep it real

You don’t want to look too rigid if you’re rocking a beard. Loads of people make the mistake of trimming their hair into a square shape, this doesn’t work on anyone. Try to keep to your natural look, just make it tidier.

3. Think about what you’re doing

Before starting to shape your beard, make sure you comb through the hair to identify your natural shape.

4. Follow your face

Using your beard trimmer, trim down from the cheekbone to the jaw (follow the way the hair grows) to create a chiseled look. Make sure you’re doing this in front of a mirror, no one wants a wonky face.

5. Feed your face ‘fro

Once you’ve trimmed the hair ‘feed’ your beard with a hydrating balm to keep your hair and face healthy. If you’re rocking a long and luscious mo., a trick of the trade is to rub in a little styling clay to create hold and repel water.

man emptying philips series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer

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