Top 5 Most Stunning Beaches In Australia

Australia’s known for a lot of things: the people, its drinking culture, it’s ease-of-life and happy existence, lethal sun and quality food and dining scene. All those things, though, still pale in comparison to what it offers in terms of natural beauty that basically rivals its equivalents around the world. From deep crevasses in the snow-capped mountains, to pristine lagoons in remote rural locations, Australia has it all, but what keeps the tourists coming after all these years are the beaches. Australia is loaded with good beaches that a list of five of the best doesn’t cover it well enough. Here are five favourites thanks to JWS Powersports. It’s easy to see why. Here are the five best around the country that are pretty easy to explore with the likes of JWS Powersports and their pretty legendary array of jet skis, boats and ATVs.

1. Bondi Beach in Sydney, New South Wales

TV shows have been made about it, people flock to it, there are endless numbers of photos of it: this is Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach

2. Lizard Island beaches, Queensland

Yep, it’s an island, but the number of white sand beaches crammed onto the thing (23 to be exact) is flooringly beautiful.

Lizard Island

3. Mandalay Beach, Western Australia

Perth is overlooked for many things but its beaches. Never-before-seen until you witness it for yourself.

Mandalay Beach

4. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Found remotely on the southern island of Australia, Tasmania boasts some of the most pristine coastline in the world purely because not many people go there! Wineglass Bay is one of those for the history books.

Wineglass Bay

5. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland

It makes sense that the world’s largest sand island should also play host to one of Australia’s best beaches, and 75 Mile Beach is it.

75 Mile Beach




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