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Top 5 Places To Skate In Sydney

Skating has been around for about as long as people have longed to not have to walk (and surfers were bored in the off-season), so it’s no surprise you see it everywhere!

And these days, with so many skateboarding location options and what to do it on, such winning choices of board like the really tiny, but trickster’s ideal Penny Skateboards, there’s no surprise it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast.

Here are the five places in Sydney you’ll find the skaters skating because unanimously, they’re the best.

Martin Place 

It’s concrete, loaded with levels and about as central as you get. It’s a winner.

Martin Place skate park

Five Dock Bowls 

Five Dock Park, corner First Avenue and Ingham Avenue, Five Dock.

Bowls of epic proportions. Say no more.

Five Dock Skateboard Bowl

Bondi Beach skate park

Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach.

Right on the beach and with thousands of eyes to impress every day, what’s not to love.

Bondi Beach skate park

Sydney Opera House steps and forecourt 

Bennelong Point, Sydney.

World famous, internationally renowned. It’s been the stage of so many performances over the years, why wouldn’t you want to skate here?

Circular Quay, and Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Waterloo skate park 

Waterloo or Fernside as the locals call it, is ideal, local, friendly and a challenge. A definite favourite.

Waterloo Skate Park

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