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Top 5 best actors in the world and why

It is very difficult to select the top 5 best actors in the world. What is the criteria that is used to select. And the worst part is each person has their own standards.

For the action movie fan this list would comprise mainly of action heroes. Gamblers would lean towards actors who starred in their favourite gambling movies.

Movie fans in India would populate the list with Bollywood stars while in Africa the list would include Nollywood stars.

However we are going to list the top five actors as objectively as possible. The list is made up of some of the most easily recognisable names in the film industry. This list is not ordered in a hierarchical manner. Trying to do this would have made an impossible task even more difficult. Even more difficult than attempting to win the multi-million-dollar real money jackpot at www.casinoaus.com.

The ultimate list:

Jack Nicholson. The star has the most academy nominees for a male actor. Throughout his career he has played several very difficult characters. He is acclaimed for his role in the movie The Shining.

Jack Nicholson

Al Pacino. Is best known for his roles as a mobster in such movies as The Godfather trilogy and Scarface. He won an academy award for the movie Scent of a Woman.

Al Pacino

Denzel Washington. He is arguably the most talented African American actor. Born Denzel Hayes Washington Jr, the actor has many awards to prove this.

Denzel Washington

Meryl Streep. Born Mary Louise Streep in 1949 in Summit, New Jersey. The actress has gone on to be nominated for several awards. She has won 3 academy awards. Cementing her position as the best actress alive.

Meryl Streep

Mohanlal. The actor is one of the responsible forces behind the rise of the Indian film industry. He was honoured by the Indian government for his contributions.


That is our list. Of course you are allowed to have your own opinion. There some places where people just have to agree to disagree. Almost like the social effects of online gambling. For some the income in the form of tax is worth possible social problems. But for most of us the millionaire maker jackpots make it an indispensable pastime.


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