TOMS and World Sight Day

Every year, World Sight Day raises global awareness about blindness and visual impairment, bringing-in people from all walks of life to chin-up and pay attention to a problem that runs world-wide.

Every day, leading footwear and eyewear brand TOMS – founded out of charitable intentions and built on the great work it does around the globe – gives sight to those in need through providing prescription glasses, medical treatment or surgery with every TOMS purchase made.

Since 2011 when TOMS started creating eyewear and contributing their part to the needy around the world, more than 250,000 people have had their sight restored through purchases of TOMS. In over 10 countries, they’re working tirelessly to restore sight through the work of mostly young women in the ways of community support, eye care programs and basic eye care.

This October 9, World Sight Day is on again, so open your wallets and put your dollars to good use not only for your own wardrobe, but the eyesight of hundreds of thousands around the world.

My new pair of TOMS shades will set you back $230, but holy hell are they worth it. You know the kind of sunglasses that you can feel the quality of? These are they. Heavy, substantial, no cheap plastic sounds when you drop them or anything knocks them; TOMS know what they’re talking about.

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