Getting Ready for Summer: Tommy Bahama

By Claudia Wood. 

Tommy Bahama is a charming, fit, middle aged man with an everlasting tan and rings that would envy royalty; or at least that’s what we like to think. The legend, who is known to have caught a 200-pound yellowfin using only a coconut shell, some broken sunglasses and the drawstring from his boardies, is in fact, just a legend, but the idea is a personification of the brand and everything is represents. However, Tommy Bahama isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

Tommy Bahama embodies a relaxed and fun attitude to life into their designs; after all, their mantra is that life is one long weekend. Famous for their use of linen, the brand produces clothes for paradise with signature linen shorts and drawstring pants that never disappear from season to season.

Women can imagine sipping cocktails from coconuts in dresses to suit every shape and travelling the shoreline in the crisp white of cropped jeans and bomber jackets, wing blowing in their hair. Men can check out the talent in classic, silk shirts from their deckchairs and make easy cocktails from the recipes inside their Tommy Bahama caps.

Tommy Bahama also prides themselves on transition pieces that can take you from morning beach strolls to cocktail hour at the Tiki-bar with a few accessories. Soft, natural fibres are beautiful on skin and many cuts and designs make it possible for individuals to find what suits them. From A-line to straight cut, with inseams ranging from three to fifteen inches and this season’s colours in a variety of vibrant blues, earthy neutrals and sunny oranges, the Spring Summer 2014 Collection is certainly diverse.

Tommy Bahama also creates beachy accessories in the form of bangles, watches and sunglasses as well as classic cigar cutters, impressive lighters and coast side ashtrays for that well deserved Cuban. Sultry fragrances will have you feeling sexy and summery and as Tommy Bahama candles fill the air, you’ll be transported to Hawaii, Bali or Tahiti. Even in the middle of dreary Darlinghurst, a studio filled with Tommy Bahama’s new collection combined with a Maui Mango candle is enough to make you feel like you’re almost on vacation.

Though you may be sitting in a chilly, wet winter, being exposed to the lifestyle that is Tommy Bahama is relaxing and rejuvenating. The invigorating experiences that are given through clothing design really does make life one long weekend and just makes you want to skip work and have a Sex on the Beach, literally and alcoholically. After all, what would Tommy do?

Tommy Bahama - THE F - 1-1

Tommy Bahama - THE F - 2-1

Tommy Bahama - THE F - 4-1

Tommy Bahama - THE F - 6-1

Tommy Bahama - THE F - 7-1

Tommy Bahama - THE F - 8-1


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