Tissot NBA watches

Tissot release special edition NBA watches

Although sadly they didn’t make this list of top watches of 2016, we still have a lot of respect for Tissot watches. The Swiss manufacturer has a lot of stiff competition in the luxury watch market, but that doesn’t stop it from consistently impressing everyone with quality, diverse, and beautiful timepieces. Although yet to go down the smartwatch route (a la rivals Tag Heuer with their Connected watch), Tissot is a company attempting to modernise themselves and stay relevant in the public spotlight with a recent endeavour: NBA watches.

The Chrono XL collection does look very cool, but the choice is sadly limited to only six basketball teams. Bad luck if you’re a Miami Heat or Boston Celtics fan, but great news if you happen to support either the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks. The watch is a gorgeous matte black with a coloured second hand and leather strap, as well as the official logo specific to that team.

This collaboration shouldn’t come as a big surprise, considering that Tissot is the official timekeeper of the NBA. Furthermore, San Antonio Spurs star guard Tony Parker is one of the company’s brand ambassadors. Tissot’s President François Thiébaud, said that sport has been an important area for the company to focus on for many years.”[When we] entered the field of timekeeping in 1938, we wanted to go far beyond being just a name on a poster and become a key player in the game,” he said. “Since then, like any good athlete, Tissot has kept striving for better performance, dedicating itself to the search for new technologies to deliver more accurate results every time it steps into the sporting arena. That is part of what made us very attractive to the NBA.”

Well, whatever Tissot is doing, it must be working. The company remains hugely popular on online watch markets and we can only imagine the brand ambassador list growing significantly over the next few years. Nevertheless, it will still have to fight hard to beat not only the likes of established brands like Rolex and Omega, but also the looming threat of the Apple Watch and even newer companies like Daniel Wellington, which are only on the rise. But if Tissot keeps up these team and player partnerships, then they’re definitely on the right track to being one of the most formidable luxury watch manufacturers.

Despite the Chrono XL NBA watches looking awesome, Tissot’s relationship with the American basketball league hasn’t always been silky smooth. Markelle Fultz – the Philadelphia 76ers’ number one pick in the 2017 draft – didn’t exactly impress the watch brand or his new team with an Instagram post blunder. Fultz accidentally wrote: “Excited to head to (City) and join the (team name). @Tissot.us is helping me get started with my (team name) watch.” The post was rectified quickly, but not before screenshots were captured and the online community had a good laugh about it all.

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