Packing for vacation

Tips on handling your excess baggage like a pro

Want to go on a holiday, but have too much baggage you want to bring with you? Standard.

Up until now, the luxury of bringing as much luggage as you’d like would’ve slugged you with few for the airlines to take it, but now, that’s not the case anymore.

World Baggage, an excess baggage company, has devised a simple way you can take your baggage with you around the world for cheaper than what your airline would charge. And it does the same thing! Here’s how…

stuffed suitcase, hotel room, Tuscany, Italy

  1. Get a quote, book online

It’s all online, so you simply enter in the details of your trip, what you want them to take and suss-out whether their cheaper option is better than the airlines’. Chances are, it’s a yes.

  1. Pack!

You’ll need to do the leg work of packing-up your bits for transport with protective layers, durable boxes and bags and the correct labels. It’s not that different to going on a regular trip in that regard, but they pick it all up for you later and take it from there.

  1. Schedule the pick-up, deliver and pay the people

Nothing for nothing in this world, but when you realise¬†just¬†how much you saved, it’s hardly worth a panic.

  1. Make sure it’s on track

The beauty of organising your own private couriering of your things with World Baggage is that you can track exactly where your things are at any time. Goodbye, stress!

  1. Delivery

You avoided the airlines, saved a tonne and still received your items at the same time as you’d expect. What’s not to love?

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Check out more about who they are and how they work at their website.

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