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It’s time to say goodbye to the thong for the summer

Summer is here which means you can expect to see a lot of short shorts, bad tan lines and thongs in, on and around the beach.

Unfortunately, there’s hardly a solution for the first two, but below are some alternatives for the humble beach-goers thongs or ‘flip-flops’, because as practical as they are for the sand and surf, they’re hardly rest-of-life appropriate.

Allbirds runnner wool plum

Allbirds wool runner, $140,

New to the Australian scene just in time for summer is Allbirds. Made from merino wool and insoles crafted with castor bean oil, these shoes are one of a kind. Don’t let the wool scare you off, these shoes are made to be worn without socks. Perfect for summer.

Allbirds woold rummer Kotare Birch

Superga Slides black

Superga Pool Slides, RRP $39.95, available at the Iconic, Glue Store or Hype DC

Superga does slides now! These slides come in a bunch of different colours to suit your taste. The best bit? You won’t look like a dag around the pool with them.

Superga slides green


Jesus sandal

Teva Original Universal Sandals, $89.95,

As time has progressed this shoe is slowly finding its way into the commercial world with more and more men getting on board the Teva craze. You can expect a lot more thongs to be replaced by these shoes at the beach.

Vans chequered print sneaker

Vans slip-on, $99.95,

Teva’s aren’t the only retro shoe making a comeback this summer, street classic Vans slip-on should be a go to this year. Easy to put on and comes in some crazy patterns. We recommend the checked one below for the risk taker.

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