Scrapyard car yard sales

Things to do before selling your car to a scrap yard

If you’ve had a car that it driven way too long and is working for you for more than ten years now, it’s time scrap it. People believe in selling their cars to a potential buyer or the company they bought it.

However, let me remind you that those cars are not used to its extreme level. If you have a car that is running for more than a decade now, needs to be scrapped rather sold to another buyer. Believe me or not, cars are number one products to be recycled across the globe.

Nowadays, people are going green. Selling your car to a recycling company is the best way to protect your environment and mother earth from chemical gases released in the air due to the burning of metal and other harmful material. Therefore, according to us scrapping your car is the most appropriate decision for mother earth and your pocket.

Before sending your car to the scrap yard, you need to be careful with few things:-

The car should be in your name

Before selling the car to the scrap yard, you need to make sure that the car is in your name. If it’s not, the scrap yard cannot purchase the vehicle from you. The V5 document verifies whether the car is in your name or not. Therefore, before selling the car, make sure you have all the documents with you which specify that the vehicle is in your name.

Check the belongings in the car, if any

People come running to scrap yard wondering if they can still get their belongings from the glove compartment of their vehicle. Mostly, scrap yard teams don’t check whether you have left your belonging inside. They just need your confirmation regarding scraping the car right away.

So if you have left your belongings inside the glove department and it’s already in the scrap yard, it’s almost impossible to get them back. Perhaps, it’s always recommended to check the car nicely before dropping your car off to the yard.

Petrol Tank should be empty

We tend to leave some amount of petrol in the car for emergency purposes. If you’re driving your car to the scrap yard, well and good, but if your vehicle is getting towed away – your petrol can be wasted.

Either you can utilise the gasoline by taking the car for its last joyride or empty the tank before selling it to the scrap yard. There is nothing to worry about the petrol left in the car because scrap yards drain the tank before crushing or recycling the vehicle. You’re just doing a favour for them by removing the petrol tank.

Compare the prices with other scrap yards

Honestly, scrap yards don’t just crush and finish the car to recycle the metal; you also resell the car if needed. They will question you regarding the automotive history – insurance, issues, part exchange value, etc. Therefore, all the documents should be readily available.

Additionally, before selling the car to a particular scraping company, make sure you’re getting the best deal. For this, you need to do a little research online, read reviews, talk to their prior customers, and compare prices with other firms as well. Then only you can get the best cash for scrap cars.


It is imperative to understand the procedure, rules, and regulations of selling a car to a scraping firm. Before calling scrap yards, please check all your documents and then contact the best scrap yard company to tow away your vehicle.

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