Millennial summit Sydney

There’s a Global Millennial Summit coming to Sydney you should know about

There’s a global millennial summit coming to Sydney and now is the time to rally.

Sydney has been chosen as the newest location for the global Millennial 20/20 Summit an this year will draw in about 3,000 millennials and their fans (if they exist) to Carriageworks on 14 and 15 November 2017.

The whole thing is a unique and experiential gathering that celebrates the modern age of commerce and business powered by the millennials and future generations.

Millennials are the first digital-native and most highly-educated generation in Australian history. Their spending habits and rising expectations are the driving forces behind the disruption and reshaping of the Australian business landscape, which makes it a great thing to be one and join them in a forum that encourages and fosters forward thinking.

The Summit’s focus on the impact of technology, which is drastically altering how today’s and tomorrow’s consumer will interact with brands in sectors such as finance, retail, entertainment, tourism, FMCG and more.

“The Millennial generation have unprecedented access to technology that makes the way they deal with brands more complex than any preceding generation. The Millennial 20/20 Summits have been created to showcase how the leading global organisations and start-ups are interacting with this new breed of consumer,” said Simon Berger, Founding Partner of Millennial 20/20.

Millennial 20/20 Sydney will be held at Carriageworks, Sydney, on the 14-15 November 2017For more details visit their website

Here’s what to expect…

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