More Pudding Anyone theatre production

Theatre review: More Pudding, Anyone?

In their final production of the year Thatcher’s Boy Theatre brings us More Pudding Anyone?, a Christmas tale with a twist.

After a successful 2017, Thatcher’s Boy Theatre are finishing the year on a festive and entertaining note. More Pudding Anyone? is a farce of the festive variety.

Set in Melbourne Australia we meet the Robertson family, your usual dysfunctional Australian family. In the words of writer/director/producer Kieran Gould-Dowen, ‘’they argue, they cry, they scream, and most of all they love each other almost too much’’.

If this doesn’t sound like your family, then are they even your family?

The cast gave a very energetic performance that sometimes verged on melodrama but put an interesting spin on what was a very well written script. Although the ensemble truly performed as one, there was some standout character work from Ruby Wall who breathed life into what could’ve been a very one dimensional character, that of the ditzy airhead Crystal. Her portrayal was hilarious and created a brilliant counter to the intensity of the rest of the cast.

More Pudding Anyone? is a night of slapstick, quick fire wit, and hilarity; all enjoyed with The Butterfly Club’s custom made cocktail Merry Christmapolitan in hand. It’s perfect for a Christmas work party or even with those friends and family you see just once a year. It is running from Tuesday 12th December to Sunday 17th December at the Butterfly Club in Melbourne. For tickets visit the Butterfly Club website.

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