The VanDutch 55 Luxury Yacht

I secretly love boats. It’s kind of my  – now not so much – hidden fetish.

I suppose there’s something about the nobility and mystery of the sea and the majesty and sheer, sheer opulence of some of the finest marine crafts the oceans and cities of the world have ever seen. Admittedly though, I still don’t have my sea legs.

Soon to make its way to Australian shores in August 2013 – the first of its kind ever – the luxury boating world has a new contender in its luxurious ranks, the VanDutch 55.

Even if you’re not a boat lover, you have to admit this is a beautiful boat.

True boat aficionados recognise it as a massive statement in performance, style and luxury all fairly clear by the immaculately and expertly designed architecture and engineering.

With a European elegance and design that is unmatched in certain technical and aesthetic regards, you can’t deny the Van Dutch 55 is a brilliant and alluring addition to the Australian world of boating you can’t go past.

Van Dutch 1

Van Dutch 3

Van Dutch 2

Van Dutch 4

Van Dutch 5

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One Response to “The VanDutch 55 Luxury Yacht”
  1. Yachtside says:

    This boat is of excellent craftsmanship , as usual with Van Dutch !