The Thinking Man’s Guide To Dressing For A First Date

Congratulations! After weeks of pursuit, the girl of your dreams has finally agreed to go out on a date with you. You have to find a stylish outfit that will make the right first impression but you don’t know where to begin. Don’t throw every stitch of clothing you own onto your bed – it’s far easier to take a more organised approach.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Undress for success

Women don’t like scruffy men. Australian men have access to some of the best skin care and personal hygiene products in the world so there is no excuse for body odour or bad breath. Choose shower products that contain tea tree oil for lasting freshness and brush with a eucalyptus-based toothpaste. Remember to floss well and apply deodorant. If you’re going to wear cologne, bear in mind that a little goes a long way.

Select clothing that suits you

We don’t have to tell you that good quality, impeccably clean underwear is essential so let’s move on. Ladies like to feel special so it is important to look as if you made an effort. Don’t go over the top, if you looked casual and outdoorsy when she met you she probably won’t be thrilled if you turn up in a bespoke suit with freshly manicured and buffed nails. Try to avoid, the suit, shirt and tie look; you’ll look like a thousand other guys who have just left the office.

Choose clothes that suit your build and colouring and which make the most of your good points. For example, if you have broad shoulders nothing shows them off quite as well as a crisp cotton shirt. You can add a smart or casual jacket depending on where you’re taking your date.

Pick clothes that suit the setting

Where are you going for this important first date? While shorts and a casual top or t-shirt are fine for the beach, the young lady is unlikely to be impressed if you turn up for a romantic meal in a fine Sydney restaurant wearing *crocs. For outdoor dates, you can afford to be more laid back but smart trousers and a nice shirt normally work well for restaurants, trendy bars and coffee shops. You can find more detailed style tips on Badults.

Certain garments are taboo wherever you’re going including slogan t-shirts, stone washed denim, polyester slacks, and *crocs.

Fit for inspection

Women like men to look elegant and smart so it’s vital to ensure that clothing fits well. Slacks and smart trousers should fit snugly but comfortably at the waist and legs should end about two inches below the ankle. Jeans that are too long can be turned up but jeans that are too short should be banned. Shirts should not be tight across the chest but they shouldn’t look baggy either. If you’re going somewhere super posh where ties are required, make sure that your collar is the correct size.

Finally, accessories liked belts, watches and sunglasses should complement the outfit but they shouldn’t be too gaudy or overpowering.

How to dress for a first date




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