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The traditional fitting room has been given a bit of a makeover in one of the Strand Arcade’s new shopfronts to take-up residence in the Victorian-era arcade right in Sydney’s heart, the Suit Shop.

The Suit Shop is a new idea that takes the meaning of fine gentleman’s tailoring to a whole other level offering artesian work for an affordable price in more than just shirts and basic tailoring; carrying through to full bespoke suiting for in or out of the office.

Starting as an in-home or office tailoring service, customers have now been provided the opportunity to pay their friendly neighbourhood P. Johnson trained tailor a visit in order to keep him busy and cut the travel time.

Normally I wouldn’t go around calling just any sort of work that of an artisan, but with tailors whose experience dates back a year prior and whose success is slave-drivingly driven within their own love for men’s tailoring, it kind of goes without saying you’re in relatively good hands. That and they’re shacked-up next to the likes of Dion Lee and TW Steel, so the level of expectation on pieces you walk away from there with needs to be inherently second-to-none.

Rob Blythe who founded and directs the Suit Shop has taken the idea of custom made to another level by playing on the idea of the fitting room and the end result of having a perfect in-tune suit for each customer’s body. It’s amazing what you can do with a tape measure.

They’re at shop 127, level 2, Strand Arcade, Sydney.

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