Winter cosy clothes

The shiver stopper – switching up your look for a warm winter

You can feel it in the air, you can see it on the trees and you can hear it crunch underfoot on the grass in the mornings – Winter has definitely arrived. For every year we have to wave goodbye to the warm, golden delights of summer and ready ourselves for the harsh realities of a four season cycle.

It takes a great amount of courage to don your Merino wool scarf and walk out into a rain storm, but that’s what most of us will be doing for the next few months. A positive ray of sunshine in this otherwise bleak stretch is the ability for us all to update our wardrobes to complement the chilly months, and in the interests of this very update, we have put together an article on switching up your look for a warmer winter. 

Accessories to warm the heart 

Your hands, neck, head, and feet are the places you feel the cold most, and that’s because those places are often the least covered in cold weather. We tend to rug up our legs and torsos and hope that that covers the essentials, but focusing a bit more on the aforementioned forgotten areas can not only overhaul your wardrobe, but also help to keep you warm. Put on a pair of thick, warm socks, a cozy scarf, and some stylish gloves and marvel at the fashion and temperature differences it makes. 

Colour-matching continues 

In summer it’s easy to colour match your clothing choices, especially when there’s no issues with layers and their matching or clashing colours. In winter, things become a little more tricky, but that doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to a mismatched three-month stint in the cold unforgiving wastes of winter.

Try finding two colours that work well together, like an earth green and a dark red, and arrange your layers into those colours. Without the offensively bright tones of the holiday season, the christmas colours actually look quite stylish together. 

Fake fur for days 

It’s long past time to abandon real fur in exchange for it’s synthetic replacement.

Just as warm, but without the negative source and occasional strange smells, synthetic fur can be found as an option in almost every item of clothing these days and is a wonderful compliment to a winter collection. With it’s added texture, heat retaining properties and resistance to wind-chill, fake fur really turns the tables on the winter months. 

De-ice the denim 

No matter if you’re a shorts, skirts/dresses, or pants person, winter is rarely the time for these fashionable and nearly-yearly-feasible clothing items. In winter, with the wind, rain and occasional ice the best choice is a good pair of jeans, and if you take care of them they can last a long time. Make sure to get something of high quality from a brand you really like, as you won’t need to buy many pairs of jeans in your lifetime so you may as well make them top-of-the-line.

Thoroughly thermal 

One thing tends to slip people’s minds when it comes to winter clothing – thermal underwear. Thermal underwear is largely used for snow trips and below-zero destinations, but if you’re the kind of person who dislikes being freezing cold for any reason at all, thermal underwear can save you from that fate whilst simultaneously doing away with the need for an extra outer layer. 

Winter wind proof 

Finally, invest in a good wind-proof jacket. It’s not hard to find them, the internet has thousands of them at any given time, and the bitingly cold winds of winter can blow right through most outfits without one, so it really is a good investment.

With these above tips, your wardrobe should flourish instead of floundering in the winter months.

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