The Rusted Nail by Scott Yeoman

Recently, season six Masterchef contestant, Scott Yeoman, launched his newest culinary adventure ‘The Rusted Nail,’ exclusively held at Lady Grange, in the well endowed dining district of St Kilda.

Taking inspiration from his background as a carpenter, The Rusted Nail is his first real step forward from Masterchef. With a launch that provided a preview into the quality that each business and person could experience, his brand offers a unique catering company that accommodates for a large variety of clientelle.

The statement cocktail of the evening was the recently booming espresso martini, a smooth espresso flavour with a hint of nuttiness you find in that good quality coffee, with a layer of cream that mutes the bitterness of it all.

With Scott carefully designing the appetisers the past few days, it is no wonder why the flavoursome samples of food were popular among the crowd. The wait staff couldn’t manage reaching past seven people before the trays were wiped clean by satisfied tasters.

With the menu’s chill and eclectic vibe, the selection of appetisers was all sorts of fun creations. From his veal “paddle pops” of Aussie nature, soft and juicy, covered in cultural flakes of spices and herbs, to the simple yet delicate fried cheese balls that melted at the touch.

Ending the night with an emotional speech by the main man himself, speaking of his journey, struggles, and mentioning those who helped him achieve such a great step forward. His determination, attention to detail and wholesome attitude, will be the driving force behind The Rusted Nail, and what will ultimately make it such a success.

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The Rusted Nail by Scott Yeoman launch-19


The Rusted Nail by Scott Yeoman launch-159


The Rusted Nail by Scott Yeoman launch-275


The Rusted Nail by Scott Yeoman launch-276

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