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When you think of Bali in Denpasar, Indonesia, you hardly think of fashion, creativity, artistic expression or anything really, other than crazy traffic, cheap goods for purchase and the debauchery of namely Australian and Dutch travellers.

But, scratch the surface and you find something different.

There is in Bali a collective of artistic folks: designers, photographers, artists and stylists all of whom are friends, all of whom are creative and all of whom help one another out in an effort to bring the handicraft skills of themselves and the local men and women they work with to light.

Creativity is apparently a big part of the Balinese culture. It’s this relatively untapped-by-the-western-world that has attracted many artists, writers, photographers and designers from around the world to the place to produce and spruik their amazing international brands and creations.

They consider themselves to have an amazing ‘family’ in Bali, where their creative energies and aptitudes come together to keep the energy of one particular collective, Pasar-Pasar, alive and well.

Jewellery expert Johnny Ramli, shoe expert Niluh Djelantik, the mother of Skingraft Jonny Cota, the amazing Mexican designer EGR, Nina and Stephanie behind This Is A Love Song and many, many more are all a part of Pasar-Pasar

More and more designers wanted to be a part of it, and even before they even opened. For a business that runs online, using creativity as its force and a low price point as its bread and butter, they’ve got a great thing going on.
With the collective’s resources pulled together, they have created something wonderful. What sets Pasar-Pasar aside from all other fashion outlets is that everyone involved are friends, participate in each other;s projects and work together to create some stunning work.
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