The New Generation Of Google Chromecast Makes Living Tech Easier

The new generation of Google Chromecast is out of control.

It comes in two: Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, both of which control separate things and both of which ae super easy to use.

The Chromecast has a fresh design and is easier to plug into TVs with crowded HDMI ports. It supports the latest wifi standards and adapts heaps easier to changing wifi conditions in any home. This means higher quality video with less buffering – a definite win.

In new colours like yellow and red, it’s a vibrant addition to any TV.

Chromecast Audio on the other hand is a small device that plugs into your existing speakers so you can stream your favourite music, radio and podcasts over wifi. It works with all the apps – especially the ones that matter like Spotify, Pandora and Google Play Music and goes rom anywhere in your home.

It makes life and consuming any digital content you want from any device in your home a hell of a lot easier, and for $60, why wouldn’t you want that?

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